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19 July 2017 | We take part in the intercultural and interreligious Rete Dialogues through our researcher Valeria Fabretti


Dialogue as a Project: I and the Other

Valeria Fabretti, researcher atthe Center for Religious Sciences (ISR) of FBK, will participate as discussant at the Rete Dialogues National Seminar, “Dialogue as a Project: I and the Other”, Montegrotto (PD), July 18 -20, 2017.

The Seminar aims at discussing and evaluating the implementation of the Rete Dialogues project, realized by a network of Italian public schools, coordinated by Italian Minister for Education (MIUR) in collaboration with the Generation Global  Program of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (TBFF).

In adherence to the vision and goals of Generation Global, Rete Dialogues has provided innovative teachings and practices of religious dialogue in schools with a particular attention to the use of new communication technologies (videoconferences, on line platforms, social networks and blogs).

At its fifth anniversary, the Seminar aims at discussing and evaluating practices and results. It also represents a reflective space in order to develop renewed educational frames for the progression of the project.

The activity well meets the ISR commitment for the study of Religion and Innovation, core mission of the Centre, contributing to the understanding of the role which religions and interreligious dialogue play in advanced educational settings. The activity belongs to the research line Conflict.




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Wednesday, 19 July, 2017