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May-July 2017 | Arguing Religion in Vienna: Paolo Costa Goes on a Mission for Three Months in the Austrian Capital


Paolo Costa, senior researcher at the Center for Religious Sciences of FBK, will be in Vienna from May to July 2017 for a research stay at the University and the Institute for Human Sciences, funded by the FBK Mobility Programme.

Taking the opportunity offered by the mobility programme, annually funded by FBK, Paolo Costa will be visiting professor in May at the Faculty of Catholic Theology in Vienna, guest of prof. Kurt Appel. His primary goal is to strengthen the scientific collaboration with the research platform “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society”. To this end, Costa has developed a project called “Arguing Religion: Deep Disagreement, Recognition, and Self-Transformation”, which intersects the aims of the two institutions disclosing possible future collaborations.

Afterward, in June and July, Costa will be visiting fellow at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, the prestigious research center founded by Krzysztof Michalski, which he has already visited in 2013 and 2015. Even in this case, the visit’s main goal is to consolidate the connection with the IWM “Religion and Secularism” research focus, directed by the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor, who is also a Permanent Fellow of the Institute, with a view to future collaborations.

The activity is part of the research project of the Center for Religious Sciences called “Arguing Religion”.

News date: 
Monday, 8 May, 2017