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Valeria Fabretti

  • PHONE: +39 0461 314258
  • FBK Trento
Short bio
Valeria Fabretti , PhD in ‘Social Systems, Organizations and Public Policy Analysis’ from ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome (2009), teaches Sociology at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ and has been a research fellow at the Department of Social Sciences and Economics of ‘Sapienza’. She is member of the Centre for the study of PostSecular Society (CSPS) in Tor Vergata, where she joins the research team of the project ‘New Emerging Patterns to Open Up Urban Space’ (NEW2US). She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal ‘Scuola Democratica. Learning for Democracy’ (Il Mulino Editor). Her research interests regard: the relation between the secular and the religious in modernity; the accommodation of cultural and religious diversity in public institutions (mainly prison and school) and in the urban space; migration issues and young migrants’ cultures and religious identities; conflicts and social mediation. She joined ISR group in July 2017.

Among her publications:

With Vereni, P. (2016). When homogeneity calls for super-diversity: Rome as a religious global city, in ‘New Diversities’, 18 (1) 2016, special issue edited by I. Becci, M. Burchradt, Religion and Super-Diversity  (pp. 73-89).

 (2015)Religious differences in Italian prisons. A postsecular perspective’, in Becci, I., Roy, O. (Eds.), Religious Diversity in European Prisons: Challenges and Implications for Rehabilitation, Springer (pp. 101-116).

(2014) Le differenze religiose in carcere. Culture e pratiche negli istituti di pena alla prova del pluralismo, Roma: Universitalia.

(2013) Learning from religions. Post-secular Schools and the Challenge of Pluralism,in ‘Italian Journal of Sociology of Education’, n. 2/2013 (pp. 46-66).

(2011). A scuola di pluralismo. Differenze, autonomia e cittadinanza nella sfera pubblica della scuola. Roma: Aracne.