Pregnant Bodies. Historical Perspectives - Philosophical Reflections

FBK Aula Piccola

Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Polo delle Scienze Umane e sociali
Aula Piccola

FBK Aula Piccola

Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Polo delle Scienze Umane e sociali
Aula Piccola

The phenomenon of pregnancy, rarely considered in the philosophical field, is a fundamental (but always forgotten) existential experience of the life of every human being. However, it marks a turning point in the life of prospective parents – especially for the woman who welcomes the stranger into her own womb, but also for the man who accompanies the gradual approach to an unpredictable future from a more lateral position. Such an experience challenges fundamental philosophical concepts, such as the relationship between self and other, activity and passivity, autonomy and dependency, inside and outside, and so on. At the same time, the phenomenon of pregnancy represents a profoundly historical experience. As feminist scholars show, the way we talk about pregnancy, the pregnant body as well as the creature that grows while remaining hidden from view, has profoundly transformed with the use of modern technology and the tools of prenatal medicine. The report will present and discuss some essential aspects of this experience which is as natural as it is conditioned by the historical and cultural context, and asks the question of what this experience means today in the existential dimension of the human being.

Milena Mariani, Docente di Teologia Sistematica presso ISSR “Romano Guardini” di Trento


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  • Professor for Christian Thought and Spiritual Practice (Pensiero e Forme dello Spirituale) at the Pontificio Ateneo Sant’Anselmo (Rome), Prof. Bruckner has a PhD in Theology from the KU of Linz (Austria) and a master in Studies of Religion in Culture and Society at the same University. In 2022, her doctoral dissertation "Gesten des Begehrens. Mystik und Gebet im Ausgang von Michel de Certeau" was awarded “Karl-Rahner-Preis” (5000 Euro). In 2019, the foundation Convivial awarded her article "Freundschaft als christliche Berufung. Zur Kultivierung einer aisthetischen Ethik der Umsonstigkeit – eine theologische Lektüre der Schriften Ivan Illichs". Among her publications, the monograph "Gestern des Begehrens. Mystik und Gebet im Ausgang von Michel de Certeau" (Innsbrucker Theologische Studien 101), Innsbruck: Tyrolia and many scientific articles in theological journals.


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