Marco Guglielmi

  • Part Time Researchers
  • Religion and Migration
  • Orthodox Christianity
  • Christian diaspora religion
  • Religion and Human Rights
  • Religious Diversity
  • Congregational Studies

I joined the Center for Religious Studies (FBK-ISR) in 2019 working on a project in partnership with Save the Children Italia. It examines education programs for the social inclusion of young refugees in Italy, and develop policy recommendations on the integration of migrant children through education. Within this framework, I also explore the impact of religious aspect and refugees’ religious dimensions into these plans.

My sociological research interests include diaspora religions and religious transnationalism in Italy, religion and migration, Orthodox Christianity, and the relationship between religions and human rights. Recently, I also worked on the subject of religious diversity and migration in Italy examining its influence within the growing pluralization of Christian congregations.

I hold an international joint PhD focused on sociology of religion and human rights from the University of Padua. In my project I investigated the settlement of the Romanian Orthodox diaspora in Italy, and the establishment of Orthodox Christianity in Italy in general. I explored the development of this Eastern religious tradition in a Western country focusing on its relationship with modernity and human rights.

During this period, I developed my background through experiences as a student, researcher, and conference-speaker in Europe, the United States, and the Near East.


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  • +39 0461 312287



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Giordan, Giuseppe, and Marco Guglielmi. 2017. Ortodossia Cristiana, Modernità e la Questione dei Diritti Umani: Prospettive Teoriche. Religioni e Società, 87(1): 41-49.