Monica Consolandi

  • PhD Student
  • philosophy of science
  • philosophy of language
  • doctor-patient interaction
  • clinical ethics
  • bioethics

Monica Consolandi is a Ph.D. Student in ‘Philosophical Issues in an International Perspectives’ at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele.

She investigates doctor-patient communication as a delicate moment of information exchange. One of the two speakers, the patient, also embodies the matter of discourse: this makes the relationship different from everyone else and the information sensitive. Communication could be healing and harmful, depending on the awareness of its power and the skills of the speakers to manage it. In this framework, how could a doctor take care of the patient’s vulnerability with language? Is it possible to strengthen the therapeutic alliance communicating? To answer to these questions, the research protocol COMMUNI.CARE, approved by the Hospital San Raffaele Ethics Committee, studies doctor-patient communication at the moment of a bad diagnosis using ethnographic methods and semi-structured interviews with patients to highlight common misunderstandings and gaps taking place at the very beginning of a relationship to be built. The dramatic Covid-19 outbreak spread inevitably affected the overall project, giving the occasion to reflect on doctor-public communication and the role of physicians in conveying information to a large public of non-experts.

She previously graduated in ‘Philosophy and Languages of Modernity’ at the University of Trento with the thesis The language of the conscientious objection. Preconditions and implications of a concept to be defined with professor A.C. Varzi.

She spent a period as visiting scholar at Columbia University in the City of New York, Department of Philosophy (2019-2020) and at NOVA Universidade de Lisboa, Department of Philosophy (2021-2022). She is currently Philosophy & Linguistics Intern at One Health Center of Excellence, University of Florida.

Curriculum Vitae