Monica Consolandi

  • PhD Students
  • philosophy of language
  • philosophy of science
  • bioethics
  • clinical ethics
  • doctor-patient interaction
  • narrative medicine

Monica Consolandi is a Ph.D. Student in ‘Philosophical Issues in an International Perspectives’ at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele.

She is graduated in ‘Philosophy and Languages of Modernity’ at the University of Trento with the thesis The language of the conscientious objection. Preconditions and implications of a concept to be defined with professor A.C. Varzi from Columbia University in the City of New York, where she spent a thesis research period.

She is currently studying the doctor-patient interaction from a philosophical point of view, focusing in particular on linguistic aspects. Among others, evidence-based communication, the use of colloquialisms and technicalities, the communication of the diagnosis. In particular, regarding this last point, she is the project coordinator of the protocol COMUNI.CARE at the San Raffaele Hospital. The main goal of the project is to reach useful guidelines to create a real and consistent therapeutic alliance based on reciprocal trust.

She is the Secretary of the Bioethics Committee of the GMC of Trento. The current aim of the committee is to increase awareness amongst the citizens about the Italian law n.219/2017 and to offer suggestions to apply it.

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