Ethics, Religion and Medicine

This research project regards the ethics of medicine interpreted as clinical ethics, research ethics and healthcare organizational ethics. Combined with a study and analysis of the ethical-philosophical references and of the bioethical debate, we realize action-oriented and intervention-oriented research, both on a national and international level and inside specific clinical units. Clinical choices and decisions are often related to moral and religious components, visions and values and they require a specific approach and some dedicated methodologies in order to underscore and to consider them in the everyday practice.

Adopting a philosophical and narrative approach to the ethics of medicine we realized some “Bioethics and clinical ethics” courses at the Department of Literature and Philosophy (Spring 2013 and Spring 2015), organized by the University of Trento, FBK-ISR and APSS, coordinated by Jean-François Malherbe, as scientific supervisor, and Lucia Galvagni, as teaching assistant.

This competence is also offered and exerced inside some local ethics committees, as the Ethics Committee for the Healthcare Activities (Comitato etico per le attività sanitarie) at the APSS, Trento; the Organism for the Animals Welfare Protection (Organismo per la Protezione del Benessere Animale) of the University of Trento; the Bioethics Commission at the Physicians Association, Trento.



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