Matteo Corsalini

  • PhD
  • Law and Religion
  • Constitutional Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Religious Freedom
  • Religion and Politics

Matteo Corsalini is a PhD candidate working under the guidance of Prof. Marco Ventura.  He joined FBK- ISR in 2018, thanks to a collaboration between the FBK International PhD program and the University of Siena – Law Department. He received his Bachelor’s Degree and LLM from University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Law Department, with a first class honour.  From July to August 2017, Matteo was a graduate visiting student at Istanbul Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi.  Prior to his appointment at University of Siena – Law School and FBK-ISR, from January to July 2018, he was a visiting researcher at University of Leicester – Law School,  where he started looking at the implications of the EU anti-discrimination legislation on religious employees  seeking to manifest their convictions in the private workplace in terms of religious dress.

In line with FBK-ISR’s dimension of action-research ‘the religion of innovation’, Matteo’s PhD project addresses the relation between new forms of spirituality and the law in the field of for-profit corporations. On the threshold of post-modern and post-secular societies, by assuming that innovation has become a vehicle for quasi-religious discourses, his research  focuses on whether economic growth, unfettered profit-seeking and financial wellness has become itself a new option of faith. Hence, against this background, are  we witnessing to the rise of corporate religious freedom in Europe?  Were this question  to be answered in the affirmative, then, how should the law  deal with the new spiritual/quasi-religious conceptions of the good of business activities?

Matteo has lived in Italy, Turkey and the UK and is fluent in English. He has an elementary knowledge of the Turkish language.



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