The Body of Salutary Terrors in the Muslim Tradition

FBK-ISR International Seminar 2022

This seminar addresses the question of the body after death as the Arab-Muslim tradition describes it first in the Koran and Haddith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad), and then in the abundant literature of what is called adâb al-Kabr (the salutary terrors from the grave). It is a topic that is very closely related to the semiotics of the body, the semiotics of religion, and the semiotics of culture, because it is at the crossroad of various issues relating to the communication between dead and living bodies, to the structural role of places such as the tomb, the afterlife or dar to the barzagh (equivalent – mutatis mutandis – of the Christian purgatory), and the strategies used to produce meaning in a world that is meant to be timeless and spaceless, that of death. What body does the tomb postulate? How does the narrative of the tomb, with its finite categories, play with a body – that of the living world – that is denied, but which is, at the same time, indispensable?

We shall be particularly interested in the question of the temporality of the tale of the tomb, the characterization of the dead body, and in particular the face, the nature of the possible worlds of the tomb, as well as other questions relating to the communicative pact that is established between the body of the dead and that of the living.


Scientific coordination
Massimo Leone, Director FBK-ISR

Cycle of seminars: “De-Polarization in Religion and Ethics”


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Wednesday, 28 September 2022



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  • Mohamed Bernoussi - Guest Speaker
    l'Università Moulay Ismail di Meknes
    Mohamed Bernoussi is Full Professor of Semiotics at the University “Moulay Ismail”, Meknes, Morocco. He was Visiting Professor at the universities of Bologna, Palermo, Turin, Paris-Sorbonne, Tours, and Nice. He is interested in the works of Umberto Eco, in intracultural problems in Morocco and the Arab world, and in intercultural conflicts between East and West. He recently published: "Mémoire et trauma dans la culture marocaine" (2017); "Introduction à l’Interculturel" (2018); "L’Art du roman chez Umberto Eco, special issue of the Cahiers de narratologie" (2018); "Douces schizophrénies" (2018); "La culture culinaire marocaine" (2020); "Culinary and the Clash of Civilizations" (2020); "Epistémè liquide" (2021); "Introduction à la sémiotique de la culture" (2022).


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