• Spirituality and Life Styles
    In the past and still today, many people have sought and often found in religion – in their cults and in their beliefs – a source and a means for changing their lives for the better: a path to self-transcendence.
  • Health, Ethics and Medicine
    This line of research focuses on the ethics of medicine and healthcare interpreted as clinical ethics, research ethics and organizational healthcare ethics.
  • Arguing Religion
    The aim of this line of research is to improve our understanding of the goals, prospects and reach of argumentative debate in responding to religious disagreements.
  • The Spaces of Religions and Spiritualities
    The research programme investigates the spatial and material dimensions of religion and spirituality in contemporary societies.
  • Religion and Violence
    The dynamics between religion and violence have always been very complex and can be analyzed by combining different fields and perspectives.
  • Religious Minorities Studies
    This line of research focuses on the study of religious minority rights and pursues the following aims:
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