The Spaces of Religions and Spiritualities: Places, Devices and Practices of Encounter and Recognition in Plural Societies

Applying a multi- and trans-disciplinary perspective, with a focus on the dialogue between social sciences, geography and digital humanities, the research programme investigates the spatial and material dimensions of religion and spirituality in contemporary societies. The object of study are the different types of spaces in which these find expression: historical sites, places of worship and meditation, shared and multi-faith spaces; anthropic and naturalistic; physical and virtual; in public and institutional contexts; urban and rural, etc. With reference to this variety of cases, the research investigates the role of architectures, installations, objects, dispositives (including digital devices), bodies, practices and performances in mediating and constructing the religious and spiritual experiences, the relationships between secular and religious actors and of different faiths and, more generally, the role of religions in different social contexts.

With a keen eye on the contribution this type of study can make to the reflection on the inclusion of cultural and religious minorities, the research programme intends to identify and promote spatial and material forms that are most suitable for supporting social relations based on recognition and respect.



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