• Giuliano Avanzini, "Il male dell’anima. L’epilessia tra ‘800 e ‘900"

    22 febbraio 2024 | 16.00-18.00
  • (Dis-)Enchantment in Religion and Ethics

  • ISR’s YouTube channel is online

    ISR's Youtube channel offers an up to date wealth of videos. You can find seminars, webinars and events organized by the Centre, in the last years as well as brand-new.
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  • In a seminar linked to the Euregio project “Resilient Beliefs: Religion and Beyond,” Nikolas Kompridis (University of Toronto) discusses the current loss of trust in democracy as an epistemological crisis and asks how to get out of it by creating a new “public” and new political forms
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  • The seminar dwells on three different phases of Nigerian Christian history: the full development of Ethiopianism (ca. 1890-1900), the beginnings of the Aladura movement (ca. 1920-1930), and the spread of the “gospel of prosperity” in contemporary Pentecostal churches. The emphasis will be on the configurations that Christianity has given to forms of “traditional” religiosity at each juncture.
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  • The final conference of the REBE project will present - together with international experts - the results of two years of research on the nature of resilient beliefs. What is it that distinguishes “rational” from “irrational,” “good” from “bad” forms of belief resilience? And what about religious beliefs?
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