Fra kósmos e pólis: identità e cittadinanza da una prospettiva mediterranea

02 October 2023

“First of all, it was chaos…” Many ancient theogonies narrate the intervention of a deity who guarantees stability and harmony to the entire cosmos.
Words such as identity, citizenship, and globalization have become commonly used, often without adequate knowledge of their origin, the change in their meaning over time, or the complexity that characterizes them. The authors of the essays collected in this anthology explore the original link between kósmos and pólis—cosmic order and political order—in the philosophical tradition. Characterizing the Greek experience, these concepts came from the tension of the logos which gave rise to order in a particular polis. The political order is also a reflection of the cosmic order, a patron of harmony and stability.

However, from Socrates onwards the tension between the elements that allow us to define identity, citizenship, globalization, and the relationships between them has continued to develop. From Greek thought to Mediterranean food, from the experience of Biblical Israel to the philosophy of language and recent reflections on cosmopolitanism and sovereignty, these essays discuss and articulate the tension between possible order (kósmos) and specific contexts (pólis).

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