CICATRICI - PerCorsi di ricerca su alcuni luoghI ChiAve di TRento per ricostruire le diverse Identità della città, tra Continuità e strappI

The latest studies conducted at FBK have highlighted the innovative scope of new religions in Trento and their spatial dimension (TESEO project), the presence of migrants and religious life in the urban history of the city (PUblic REnaissance and Hidden Trento projects), and the characteristics of the city’s expansion and urban changes over the last 150 years through multi-temporal 3D reconstructions (Totem project).

Based on these analyses, the CICATRICI project aims to support reflections on the future of Trento, reconstructing tears and wounds that have occurred near specific places and processes of collective processing of these alterations, or even “traumas,” on which the city’s self-perception and external presentation still depend today. To this end, the project integrates historical, geographical, and sociological research and experiments with digital technologies (in situ VR/AR experiences) to develop innovative solutions for participatory reflection on Trento’s urban, social, and cultural evolution.


Partner: University of Roma Tre, Department of Humanistic Studies

Funding Institution: Caritro

Date: 2023-2025


Valeria Fabretti (ISR) – Coordinator

Angelica Federici (ISR)

Giuseppe Tateo (ISR)

Silvia Omenetto (ISR)

Maria Chiara Giorda (Università Roma Tre)

Massimo Rospocher (ISIG) – Director

Alessandro Paris (ISIG)

Fabrizio Remondino (3DOM – 3D Optical Metrology unit)


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