Valeria Fabretti

  • Researcher
Centre for Religious Studies
  • Secular and the Religious in Modernity
  • Cultural and Religious Diversity
  • Conflicts and Social Mediation
  • Migration

Valeria Fabretti  is PhD in “Social systems, organizations and public policy analysis” at the University of Rome ‘Sapienza’ (2009). She teaches Sociology at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ and has been a researcher at the Department of Social Sciences and Economics of the ‘Sapienza’ and at the Centre for the Study of the PostSecular Society (CSPS) of the University of Tor Vergata. Since 2019 she is research consultant for Save the Children Italy in charge for the research activities of the H2020 project IMMERSE (“Integration Mapping of refugee and Migrant Children in Schools and Other Experiential Environments in Europe”) .

She joined the Center for Religious Sciences of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK-ISR) in July 2017. Here she coordinates action-research projects in the field of education for tolerance and the contrast of hostility towards cultural and religious minorities. For FBK-ISR she participated in the international research group for the Freedom of Religion or Belief & Religious Tolerance Intergroup Annual Report 2017/2018 of the European Parliament. For FBK-ISR she is currently the coordinator and principal investigator of the Erasmus Plus Projetc Digial Competences, Inclusion and Growth for Futures Generations (DIG4Future) and the EC-REC Project Intersecting Grounds of Discrimination in Italy (INGRID).

Her research interests concern the relationship between the secular and the religious filed in modernity, the recognition of cultural and religious diversity in public institutions and in the urban space, social and educational integration, conflicts and social mediation.

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