The (de)polarisation of the face in digital religion

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Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Polo delle Scienze Umane e sociali
Aula Piccola

FBK Aula Piccola

Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Polo delle Scienze Umane e sociali
Aula Piccola

FBK-ISR International Seminar 2022



Gabriele Marino, University of Torino
Ideologie del metavolto musicale da Thomas Mann ad Hatsune Miku: Verso uno stupore post-computazionale

Cristina Voto, University of Torino
Tra l’occhio di Dio e il volto del fedele: Ideologie del riconoscimento automatizzato e polarizzazione dei dati facciali

Remo Gramigna, University of Torino
Il volto inquantificabile: La de-polarizzazione del volto in Rudolf Kassner

Gianmarco Giuliana, University of Torino
Facce della de-polarizzazione della religione nei giochi digitali


Scientific Coordination: Massimo Leone, Direttore FBK-ISR


This event results from a project that has received funding from the EuropeanResearch Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (GrantAgreement No 819649–FACETS)


Cycle of seminars: “De-Polarization in Religion and Ethics


The meeting will be held in presence while places are available.

Remote connection will be possible.

To attend the event, you must register by 10 a.m. on Monday 19 December 2022




Fresco by Schweitzer



Registration to this event is mandatory.

Registration closed on 19/12/2022.




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