Languages, Communication and Narratives in Medicine and Healthcare

Different languages cross the clinical space and have an impact on medical and clinical interventions: combining theoretical exploration and action research, the project analyzes linguistic and communicative dynamics inside the medical and clinical field to understand how clinical choices and decisions are influenced by moral and religious orientations and beliefs. It assesses the impact of ethical and religious beliefs both of patients and clinicians on medical practices and realities, as well as the ways in which novel medical interventions can affect faith, philosophical beliefs, religious practices and spirituality. It considers which kind of impact the digitalization of health can have on communication and on interpersonal dynamics of healthcare. Biomedicine, neurosciences, and the identification of ethically-sustainable approaches and interventions that can promote the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities are core concerns of this research project.

The project implies forms of intervention-research as well, developed through local healthcare and research committees (Healthcare ethics Committee, APSS; Ethics Committee for Research with Human Beings, University of Trento; Committee for the Protection of Animal Welfare, University of Trento).

Funding agency: different agencies

Consortium / partners: FBK-ISR; Department of Philosophy, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan

PI: Lucia Galvagni

Researchers: Lucia Galvagni, Monica Consolandi

Start date: January 2019

Main project outputs (publications, conferences etc.): Publications, Conferences; Dissemination and education of clinicians and healthcare professionals; Contribution at the scientific activities of healthcare and research ethics committees; Guidelines Implementation.


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