Booklet on Religion & Innovation at FBK (2019)

DOWNLOAD our booklet “Religion & Innovation at FBK”

The Center for Religious Studies contributes to FBK’s 2018-2027 Strategic Plan with its solid expertise, accumulated in the 43 years following its inception and with its mission statement on religion
and innovation, adopted in 2016. Thanks to the growth instigated by its 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, the ISR currently collaborates with other centers within the Foundation in order to better understand the anthropological, philosophical, legal, social and political implications of the digital revolution and AI, and investigate solutions to emerging problems. Researchers’ expertise vis-à-vis the relationship between religion/spirituality and various forms of innovation allows them to contribute to FBK’s work through their research and action research on value and values. On the one hand, the  ISR focuses on the value of innovation; on the other hand, it also explores the value conflicts associated with the development of AI and with an increasing diversity of religions, cultures, belief systems and lifestyles in the digital society.

In this context the booklet collects the history, the present and future perspectives of our constant commitment.

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