Religious innovation in global space. The case of pentecostalism

The seminar intends to explore, by focusing on the case of Ethiopian-Eritrean Pentecostalism, the current relationships between economics, politics and religion through the analysis of global Pentecostalism, with its own language, its own rhetoric and its own practical. The seminar will focus not only on the global spread of Pentecostalism, but above all on the analysis of a specific context in which it applies: Eritrean and Ethiopian Pentecostalism, with the works of the authors both in Ethiopia and among Eritrean and Ethiopian migrants in Rome. In particular, two elaborations will be explored, with the related practices: one concerns some cases of Pentecostal churches in Ethiopia, where it is possible to observe a resumption of the biblical discourse on talents that refers to the concepts of individual responsibility, care and entrepreneurship of oneself, typical traits of the neoliberal construction of the subject. The second concerns the question of how the Eritreans and Ethiopians in Rome decline the Pentecostal discourse in favor of a reabsorption of the conflicts between national groups that passes through a condemnation of “politics” and political commitment in matters concerning Eritrea , Ethiopia and their respective revolutionary pasts.



5:00 – 5:10 p.m.
Introductory remarks
Marco Ventura, FBK-ISR
Claudio Paravati, Confronti

5:10 – 6:10 p.m.
Religious innovation in global space. The case of pentecostalism
Pino Schirripa, Sapienza Università di Roma
Osvaldo Costantini, Università di Messina

Chair: Claudio Paravati

6:10-6:30 p.m.

The event will be held in Italian

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  • Pino Schirripa is associate professor of ethno-anthropological disciplines at the Department of History, Cultures, Religions of Sapienza - University of Rome, where he teaches medical anthropology and religious anthropology. For over twenty years he has been carrying out and coordinating research projects on these issues in Italy and Africa. Since 2007 he has been director of the Italian Ethnological Mission in Tigray-Ethiopia and since 2014 of the Italian Ethnological Mission in Ghana.
  • Università di Messina
    Osvaldo Costantini is a research fellow at the University of Messina and professor on contract of Cultural Anthropology at the "Luigi Vanvitelli" University of Campania. He dealt with the relationship between politics and religion in the Eritrean diaspora, showing the new visions of the world with respect to the revolutionary horizon that had characterized the past. He has carried out research on housing occupations in Rome, the materials of which are in publication, and is currently dealing with the interactions between migrants and Italians in the Marian cult of the Madonna dell’Arco in Naples. He published the monograph “Our identity is Jesus Christ. Pentecostalism and Nationalism among Eritreans and Ethiopians in Rome ”and numerous other essays in scientific journals.
  • Claudio Paravati, PhD student in philosophy at the University of Verona, has been director of the Journal and institute "Confronti" since 2014. He collaborates with the Department of History of Philosophy at the Department of History, Cultural Patrimony, Formation and Society of the Universities of Studies of Rome Tor Vergata; He is editor and member of the scientific committee of the Dossier Statistical Immigration Committee (Idos / Confronti), member of the Commission for the Interreligious Dialogue of the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy. The last publications are: Il Covid 19:costruire il futuro. Economia, ambiente, scuola e giustizia sociale, (curatela), Com Nuovi Tempi, 2020; Fedi e Libertà. Riflessioni (curatela con Mario Campli, Giovanni I. Giannoli, Fausto Tortora), Com Nuovi Tempi, 2020; Dio dei migranti, (curatela con Maurizio Ambrosini e Paolo Naso), Il Mulino, 2018; Dall’Islam in Europa all’Islam europeo, (curatela con Mostafa El Ayoubi), Carocci, 2018; Donne d’Albania. Tra tradizione, migrazione, modernità, (curatela con Rando Devole), Com Nuovi Tempi, 2017.


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