Care, justice and relational autonomy: how to rethink healthcare ethics

FBK-ISR International Seminar 2022

A tendency to report the main issues of the medical ethics debate in the form of a polarization is quite evident: medical paternalism versus individual autonomy, catholic versus lay positions for what regards the Italian debate, a presumed opposition between young and old people, at the time of the tragic choices during the outbreak, show that contrapositions are often adopted to discuss delicate and relevant ethical issues in medicine. To go beyond these terms it seems necessary to consider different models and moral references.

Care and justice represent relevant moral criteria and they can inspire healthcare choices and decisions on a global scale and at a local level . The notions of relational autonomy, reciprocity and intersubjectivity allow rethinking of healthcare contexts and looking differently to our healthcare future.

Scientific coordination: Massimo Leone, Director FBK-ISR


Cycle of seminars: “De-Polarization in Religion and Ethics


The event will be held in Italian

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Fresco by Schweitzer



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