10th Annual Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference

22 September 2020

Monica Consolandi has been invited to talk about the topic “Toward a Digitized Medicine: The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Disclosure of the Importance of Communication in the Clinical World“ at the “10th annual Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference” on 25 September. The conference focuses on topics including, but not limited to: medical ethics, history of medicine, medical anthropology, religious approaches to health, health narratives, health education, conceptions of wellness, and so on.

In tune with FBK-ISR’s mission, Monica Consolandi will present her research about healthcare professionals-patients and families interactions during Covid19, a communication mediated by technology, but with a deep and undeniable human component.

There is no registration fee and anyone is welcome to attend, but to get access to the event, they must email at to register.

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