Corporate profit-seeking as a secular faith

02 July 2019

Matteo Corsalini has been invited to talk about his ongoing PhD research addressing the relation between new forms of spirituality in corporate management and egalitarian theories of equal liberty intended to broaden the epistemic horizons of the legal category ‘freedom of religion’, at the ’10th Summer School in Political Philosophy and Public Policy’ co-organised by the Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society of the University of Minho, Braga and the Philosophy Department of the University of York, with the sponsorship of the Luso-American Foundation.  The event will take place at the Auditorium of the Institute of Letters and Human Sciences (ILCH) of the University of Minho, from 9 to 11 July. In particular,  this edition of the Summer School will be discussing at length the management powers of private corporations in liberal market economies. In this regards, the issue of the concrete possibilities for regulating corporate powers vis-à-vis the heterogeneous and competing interests of shareholders as well as stakeholders (these latter including creditors, employees, costumers and communities) will be chiefly addressed.

In tune with FBK-ISR’s Mission on religion and innovation, and more particularly the research-action’s dimension of ‘the religion of innovation’, Matteo will present intermediate results over post-secular corporations as new religious players in the EU Single Market. More to this point, he will observe how the spiritual fulfilment which secular moneymakers derive from strategies of corporate governance, undergirded by self-interest and economic wellness, might turn to be an appropriate constitutional test of religious claim.

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