Disorder: What Films Know about Us”: An Event in Memory of Davide Zordan

11 December 2020

The day after the Zordan Lecture 2020, the Center, together with the Culture Sector of the Diocese of Trento and Religion Today Film Festival, organizes an event to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of Davide Zordan, theologian and researcher of the Center for Religious Studies of FBK. It is entitled “Disorder: What Films Know about Us” and it will be broadcast live on the PastoraleCulturaTn YouTube Channel on Tuesday 15 December, at 8.30 pm.

The event will consist of a dialogue between the theologian Leonardo Paris, the philosopher Paolo Costa and the historian of visual arts Katia Malatesta, starting with excerpts from some of the most successful films in Italy in the 2019-2020 season (The Lion King, Joker, Parasite, Tolo Tolo). Cinema, in fact, represented not just one of Davide Zordan’s major passions, but was for him, in his work as a systematic theologian, an indispensable tool both to frame the anxieties, needs and hopes of the present time and to imagine what we believe in order to transform ourselves and our lives.



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