Steven Umbrello

  • Researcher

Steven Umbrello currently serves as the Managing Director at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (501c3 nonprofit, Boston, MA). He is also a researcher at the University of Turin in collaboration with the Collège des Bernardins as well as a researcher at the Center for Religious Studies at the Bruno Kessler Foundation.

He was previously a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Delft University of Technology and a Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse Global Fellow at Eurac Research.

He served as a junior associate at the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute (2013-2018), where his primary research and authorship was on atomically precise manufacturing (APM) and other nanotechnologies.

He studied philosophy of science and technology at the University of Toronto (H.B.A) and epistemology, ethics, and mind at the University of Edinburgh (MSc), and the ethics and design of AI at the Consorzio FINO @ the University of Turin, Italy (Ph.D.).

  • ethics of technology
  • artificial intelligence
  • engineering ethics
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