Pray cool. Orthodoxies and youth cultures on new screens

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Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Polo delle Scienze Umane e sociali
Aula Piccola

In collaboration with the 21st Religion Today Film Festival New Generation, FBK-ISR proposes the workshop Pray cool. Orthodoxies and youth cultures on new screens – the seventh event in the Center’s 2018 series Religion & Innovation.

In recent years, religion has conquered new spaces in the Israeli film scene. An emblematic expression of this new alliance is the success of the TV series “The New Black” (Shababnikim), directed in 2017 by Eliran Malka. Black is the dominant colour of the clothes of ultra-Orthodox Jews, an increasingly prominent presence on the streets of Jerusalem. “The New Black” bears witness to the fact that new forms of religious belonging are developing within a religious community that is much less monolithic than is suggested by its traditional representations. Starting from the case of “The New Black”, the workshop opens to reflection on the dynamic relationship between religious traditions, identities and lifestyles, looking closely at the forms that this can take today within youth cultures and sub-cultures.

In line with the Mission of the Center, the event contributes to consolidating and continuing the work of FBK ISR on the complex relationship between religion and innovation in contemporary societies.

During the workshop will be screened the first episode of the “The New Black”, by Eliran Malka, Israel, 31′



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