Religion and Innovation - Workshop and Lecture Series 2018

The goal of this workshop and lecture series is to explore an under-researched territory: the relations between today’s religion (institutions, communities and community leaders, religious practices, beliefs and values) on the one hand, processes of innovation in various – partly overlapping – fields such as science, technology, politics, culture, the law, and religion itself, on the other.

The event series continues, consolidates and develops the research work on the multi-faceted relations between religion and innovation in contemporary societies that has been pursued by the Center for Religious Studies (ISR) of Fondazione Bruno Kessler since the adoption of the mission on religion & innovation in June 2016. The topics to be discussed and analysed cut across the four ISR research lines “Conflicts”, “Values, Science and Technology”, “Spirituality and Lifestyles”, and “Texts, Doctrines and Traditions”.

The workshop and lecture series will engage scholars of religious studies and researchers/practitioners in diverse fields of innovation in a sustained dialogue. Moreover, it will make ISR’s work on religion & innovation accessible to a non-specialist audience through a series of dedicated lectures in Italian.