Boris Rähme in Sheffield and Helsinki to carry out the Arguing Religion project

09 April 2018

With funding from the Mobility4Research 2018 Programme of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, ISR researcher Boris Rähme will spend a three-month research period at the Universities of Sheffield and Helsinki.


The main objective of the planned research activities is to further develop intermediate results
obtained by the FBK-ISR research project Arguing Religion.

During the first phase, based at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Sheffield, Rähme will analyse current philosophical debates on fallibilism and their relevance to the epistemology of religious belief.

The second phase, based at the Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in Reason and Religious Recognition (University of Helsinki), is dedicated to in-depth research in the epistemology of religious disagreement.

In tune with the mission of the Center for Religious Studies, which consists in advancing the critical understanding of the relationship between religion and innovation in contemporary societies, both phases moreover foresee sustained networking activities with the two host institutions in view of consolidating extant collaborations and exploring possibilities for future joint projects.



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