Clinical narratives: Ethics and communication in medicine

16 March 2021

Within the narratives and communications of caregivers, healthcare organizations and patients, three main languages seem to be present, the clinical, the organizational and the existential: the latter, which is particularly present in patients’ communication, is the one most often sacrificed in the time and spaces of care.
The book presents the research conducted in Italian and international healthcare institutions on “clinical narratives”, read and analyzed by the author within the approach of narrative bioethics and medical phenomenology. Listening to these narratives makes it possible to reflect on care practices and to better deal with the communication, choices and complex moral decisions that arise in the everyday clinical practice.
Considering the important – and historically relevant – connection between medicine, ethics and spirituality, the book highlights the dynamics and reciprocal contributions that still exist among these different fields, in line with the mission of the Centre for Religious Studies, focused on the analysis of the relationship between religion and innovation.

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