The EU-funded COST Action CHIP ME focuses on public health genomics and patients’/citizens’ participation, comparing public and private initiatives.

Lucia Galvagni participates in the network’s Working Group 3, “Science and Values”, which analyses the relevance of information, participation and communication in the different forms it can take today, as dialogue and exchange inside patients associations and/or between the general public and experts, both in a direct form and through the use of ICT and 2.0 technology.

The Center for Religious Studies (ISR) collaborates with local research institutions working in the field of genomics, such as the LaBSSAH, Trentino Biobank (S. Chiara Hospital, Trento), FBK for Health and the Biolaw Project of the University of Trento. ISR’s main contribution regards the analysis of the moral, cultural, political and religious issues raised by genomics research and its communication.

Date: 2015 - 2016


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