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    Center for Religious Sciences
    Promoting, through a multi-disciplinary research, the critical and reflective understanding of the role of religious knowledge in the personal and collective cultural development within a secular and pluralistic society

The Centre for Religious Studies (Isr) aims to promote research in the fields of religious and theological studies with a particular attention on key topics and connections with other lines of research pursued at the Bruno Kessler Foundation.

The Centre’s activities under the current research plan are organized around two guiding themes: Interreligious Dialogue and Applied Ethics.

Research in the area of interreligious dialogue is based on an analysis of the more general problems arising from the diverse forms and practices of religious belief in a modern, secular and pluralistic world. Different religious visions of the world and of human life encompass diverging judgments concerning the moral status of specific practices and behaviours.
The Centre’s research in ethics complements the line of interreligious studies by analysing various issues in the field of applied ethics both from a philosophical and a theological point of view.

Alongside its research activities, the Isr hosts the Advanced Course in Religious Studies (CSSR). The Advanced Course, which has been established by the Congregation for Catholic Education and adheres to the Theological Faculty of Triveneto, offers formation for the profession of a school teacher of Catholic religion and, more generally, aims at promoting secular research in the field of religious studies.